Nexus 7: the game changer

I’ve being saying this to all my clients recently, the Android business is about to change. Why? The Nexus 7 is going to fuel the growth of Tablet use. The 7inch form factor, combined with accessible price and excellent spec, will find a new market that has not yet enganged with Tablets. Mark my words that this Christmas you will not be able to get a Nexus 7, for love nor money. The significant point here is that Children everywhere, include teens, will want this device (and any adult who was once put off buying one, now has the perfect excuse; it won’t put a serious dent in your pocket).

Of course us android developers are very happy about the coming market changes, see my next artical on Android Educational Apps.

Checkout the following article on a more detailed review of Nexus 7′g games changer capabilities: