HTML5 or Native – Facebook chooses Native

HTML5 or Native – Facebook chooses Native Interesting what this guy says about mobile and going native. Native means – Facebook want to be more embedded into the device (NMG “wants access to your mobile phone contact list”). Also take advantage of notification system (which is well implemented in Android) I encourage my clients to go “native”, in some ways its the...

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Changing dimensions ActionBarSherlock

ActionBarSherlock A little digging and figured an easy way ( and I suppose the right way) to change some of the default attributes of ActionBarSherlocks menu/tab bar. If you look into the source of the library of ABS, you can see folders of “values”, “values-large”, etc.. Copying in the appropriate abs_dimens.xml file into my applications “values” folder seemed to do the trick....

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Android HTML5 Audio support using WebView and Local File System

You’d imagine a simple element like HTML5 audio support would be working properly in Android. Nope, can’t do it when you have a WebView that accesses local files (In a simple chrome browser it will work) . You got to roll your own, i.e through the javascript/java bridge, or use PhoneGap javascript libraries to make it happen. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/12142084/html5-audio-tag-is-not-working-in-android-ics http://stackoverflow.com/questions/10180571/android-html5-local-mp3 https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups=#!topic/phonegap/PneF6j47yFY And Yes,...

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