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Android App Development

Ed’s App Factory is an innovative Android app development company.

We are immersed in mobile technology to bring you, the user, the best experience possible from an app. If you are looking for a strong mobile team to take ownership of your app and guide you through every step of the process, then Ed’s App Factory is the one stop shop that can deliver every time.

What we do:

• We develop category defining mobile apps for smart phones, tablets and other devices that run the Android and iOS platforms.

• Our developers are industry specialists with years of development experience.

• We build a frictionless experience for our users by pushing the limits on what’s possible with Android while sticking to our core values of keeping it simple, slick and beautiful.

Our Mobile Application Engineers are:

• Expert in their knowledge of Android SDK/Java and have an eye for good design.

• Passionate and enthusiastic about the Android platform.

• Adept at developing maintainable, extensible, testable, and reusable code as well as fast iteration.

• Experienced in taking an existing iOS app and replicating it for the Android platform.


iOS App Development

We build for iPhone and iPad.

Our iOS app development for iPhone and iPad offers and delivers a smooth and intuitive experience. The end user’s experience and satisfaction is all that matters. Quality is our trademark as all of our iOS apps must comply with Apple’s high standards of user interface and experience and importantly a high level of security.

At Ed’s App Factory we build customized iOS apps for both the iPhone and iPad platforms. We offer seamless development with unlimited possibilities for our clients. We understand the speed that mobile technology is developing at and that smartphone and tablet devices will soon outnumber desktop computers.

iPhone and iPad devices are at the cutting edge of mobile technology and our app development team of experts can mirror this in every app they build.

- We have you covered…we offer 24/7 technical support from North America, Asia and Europe.

- We understand global products…our latest multi-platform mobile project was localized for 12 languages.

- Every app project is carefully managed and organized so you’re always in the loop.

As award winning app developers, we pride ourselves on our quality processes. We have 8 years of mobile technology experience. As many as 50+ bluechip clients have hired us to date for their mobile projects.


iOS to Android Conversion

Ed’s App Factory is an innovative iOS app conversion company.

Now more then ever is a good time to consider increasing your audience by launching an app into Google Play, and converting over your iOS app.

- We are expert at taking and converting an iOS app and making the same (and sometimes more) functionality work on Android. Talk to us about our clients that have done just that. You’ll be surprised how well they’ve improved and scaled their customer base.

- The Android market is growing (in particular smartphone and tablet), so now is a great time for conversion.

- Higher-end phones, such as Samsung S3 and S4 are fuelling the growth of android adoption…all the more reason to get your conversion strategy in place.

- Android apps and widgets (we develop them as well) enjoy a higher level of integration into the user’s phone, which means you may get more engagement from your android user base.

iOS and Android can be quite different in terms of their navigation UI. We at Ed’s App Factory understand this, so we don’t just convert your app screen by screen – we make intelligent design decisions, and guide you through each step of the way.

User experience is king, so making users feel at home within the app and making the right choices in terms of design is what it’s all about. Certain iOS UI patterns just don’t work on Android, and we know the alternatives that work just as well with Android.


Specialist Integration

Our Specialist Integration experience with apps is second to none. Take advantage of the following mobile technologies to enhance your product offering. Talk to us about how you might leverage some of these technologies in your app.


A substantial component of our work is integration with online services (public, closed and proprietary systems). Integration with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other social media is an integral part of the integration services we provide. From an enterprise perspective, we can support you in the implementation of new web services, leveraging our considerable J2EE and XML/JSON experience. Alternatively we will work with your existing server data no matter how it is exposed to your client systems or consuming devices.

Indoor/Outdoor Mapping Integration

There are a multitude of applications for indoor and outdoor mapping. Using indoor location mapping technology in large public building (airports, supermarkets, educational establishments), can provide applications in Augmented Reality, provide navigational/directional assistance to your mobile users and provide tracking for security and auditing purposes.

Video and Image Analysis

Through the use of various open source technologies we can dynamically process real time information from video and image capture, to enable applications like augmented reality, image/video transformation, biometric analysis and QR code reading. Aspects of these can be intelligently integrated into your application to make the app more appealing and extend the functions off your application to engage your user base.


Some excellent applications of biometrics are data capture from wearable sensors, that can measure movement in a number of dimensions. For example, gyroscopic sensors (bought off the shelf) can be read in real-time (via Bluetooth) and analyzed by mobile app for presentation to the user or sent to another 3rd party system for offline processing. Our work in this field has received special recognition from one of our clients for its innovation and robustness.

Mobile Payments

The ability to pay securely and easily for services or products from mobile can introduce a whole series of integration challenges. At Ed’s App Factory we can guide you through the complexities of setting up a payment solution (leveraging our industry channels), to provide you with user-friendly and secure payment solutions.

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